In most locations there is a range of accommodation choices including home stay (with a local family - highly recommended for most immersive language learning experience), student apartments, hotel, etc.

Some of our partner schools have training only for adults while others also have programs for children and teenagers, so whole families can travel together and have their own training options. There are also many programs and camps available for teens only, studying without parents.

For most languages and locations, business language and more specialized courses are also offered in addition to general language skills. Exam preparation courses are also usually available (for example, Cambridge or IELTS courses for English and equivalents for other languages).

Students may also choose between group training and one-to-one training, or (highly recommended) a mixture of the two. The one-to-one training can be quite highly tailor-made if the student makes his wishes clear well in advance. Group training is in small groups (size varies somewhat from school to school) of multi-national student groups.

All our partners offer activities, some free and some at extra charge, ranging from scuba diving to skiing, from snooker to salsa dancing. There’s something for everyone! Sometimes combination courses of language and another skill (local cooking, diving, local dances, volunteering projects, work placement, etc) can be arranged.

At C.C. Communication, we can guarantee you the same tuition prices you will find booking directly with our partners, but with advice and support in your own language (Russian, Estonian, Finnish, Swedish, French, English). We can also help with issues such as visas, accommodation, flights / travel, airport transfers, tourism, local knowledge, etc.

Contact us for further details. Let us know which language and destination you are interested in as well as the type of course (general, business, specialized, group, individual, combination) and any other preferences. We'll do our best to match you with an effective, exciting and memorable course!